What's New

                                                              Updated Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice – NEW administrative forms available on our website!

                                                              BCT unveils an updated platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice with certain restructuring and changes of investment policies involving 11 constituent funds*, effective from 23 April 2018. For the purposes of implementing the restructuring and the investment policy change, certain relevant administrative forms have been updated.

                                                              Customers are advised to visit our website to download the latest version of forms for different purposes.

                                                              Click here to find all your needed forms.

                                                              For information of the updated fund platform, please click here.



                                                              * The 11 constituent funds include BCT (Pro) China and Hong Kong Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Hong Kong Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Asian Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) European Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Global Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) International Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) E90 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E70 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E50 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E30 Mixed Asset Fund, and BCT (Pro) Global Bond Fund.