About BCT

                                                              Our Group

                                                              Founded on Quality

                                                              BCT Group comprises BCT Financial Limited (“BCTF”) and Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited (“BCTC”), which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank Consortium Holding Limited. Bank Consortium Holding Limited was founded in 1999 by a group of renowned banks in Hong Kong. The shareholder group currently comprises 8 reputable financial institutions with long history of serving the public, namely Asia Financial, Chong Hing Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Fubon Bank, ICBC (Asia), OCBC Wing Hang, Shanghai Commercial Bank and CMB Wing Lung Bank. As of 31 December 2020, the total assets and total equities of BCT’s shareholder group exceeded HK$2,458 billion and HK$340 billion respectively. Currently, the servicing banks of BCT Group had an aggregate of 295 branches in Hong Kong.

                                                              BCTF acts as sponsor and distributor of pension products whilst providing customer service, investment planning services (IPS) and retirement planning services (RPS) as well as investor education. BCTC started off with a dedicated mission: to provide best-in-class MPF products and solutions for the Hong Kong working population, while expanding its one-stop services of trustee, administrator and custodian for pensions and investment funds. Today, BCT Group is a major MPF product provider and one of the largest trust companies in Hong Kong, focusing on the provision of pension (including MPF & ORSO) products and asset servicing solutions. As of June 2021, our assets under administration exceeded HK$222 billion, serving over 1.2 million member accounts.

                                                              Driven by a culture of integrity and professionalism, we strive to deliver excellence in our work and take one step further to ensure our services are attuned to our members’ needs in delivering a seamless customer experience via a powerful e-platform and experienced and committed staff.

                                                              Commitment & Principles:
                                                              Bringing Value
                                                              Innovation and inspirations through insight and services.
                                                              Connectivity with clients, taking one step further in delivering client-centric solutions
                                                              A reliable and trusted partner to stakeholders.

                                                              Giving Back to Community

                                                              Our community is where we are, and that’s why we focus heavily on giving back and supporting those in need. From establishing BCT Next Academy (formerly "BCT Third Age Academy", which encourages continuing education and lifelong learning among people at different life stages), to supporting charity events and volunteering at community organisations, we understand the importance of a thriving and sustainable community and how it is conducive to a prosperous society. Our expertise in retirement planning, advocacy for financial literacy and our care for the community have garnered BCT numerous awards, a validation that we are a company putting members and the community first. We will be there for our members, “heart to heart, hand in hand”, creating a quality retirement for them and their loved ones.