Important Notes

                                                              How We Safeguard Your Data

                                                              Protected Environment

                                                              • Our customers' personal information is stored in a secured and monitored environment protected by a network firewall.


                                                              • To limit the access of your MPF account to only yourself, customers are required to login to the system via a unique
                                                                • Login ID, and
                                                                • Password / PIN (eight digits)
                                                                  member login screen


                                                              • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your data. This requires that you use an internet web browser that supports 128-bit encryption.
                                                              • When you login to our member information area, a secured connection between your computer and BCT's system will be established.
                                                              • Information traveling between your computer and our system is encrypted and protected from potential interception as it travels over the Internet.

                                                              In order to access our websites, please ensure you use internet browser that supports TLS1.2. For example, to enable TLS1.2 for Internet Explorer, you can choose “Internet Options”, click on “Advanced” tab and select "Use TLS 1.2".

                                                              TLS1.2 eng

                                                              Enjoy your visit to our website and the hassle-free online account services with peace of mind!