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                                                              BCT Group Sees an Uptrend in MPF Account Consolidation among Members

                                                              BCT Group ("BCT") held a media briefing today, stating over the past five years, the number of accounts consolidated into BCT from other MPF schemes increased by 30%, with the average amount of MPF benefits in each consolidated account rising by 40% as well. Among all the consolidation cases, nearly 20% of members consolidated 3 or more accounts, while some consolidated 8 to 10 accounts. BCT believes this rise in the number of account consolidations reflects employees' growing awareness of the need to manage their MPF savings. However, there remains a large number of accounts being neglected by members that may hinder the effectiveness of planning for their retirement.

                                                              Ms. Ka Shi Lau, Managing Director & CEO, stated, "If you neglect your MPF, the number of accounts will keep accumulating, and you may end up receiving multiple annual benefit statements and notices for multiple accounts. This may ultimately become an obstacle in managing your retirement savings. A year's plan starts in the spring. As members receive notices from various trustees regarding the Default Investment Strategy ("DIS"), they should take this opportunity to review the MPF accounts they have, and consider consolidating them when necessary to get a full picture of their MPF, in order to manage their finances more effectively."

                                                              Meanwhile, Investment Director Mr. Michael Ha presented his views on the global investment outlook for the first half of 2017. In terms of MPF investments, members are advised to adopt a flexible investment strategy in 2017. They may consider adjusting those portfolios to which new contributions are being made while adopting a diversified investment strategy for their existing balance in order to mitigate short-term investment risks. BCT remains positive about the long-term performance of the stock market.

                                                              BCT Received “Provider of the Year Award – MPF” at 2016 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards

                                                              As a key MPF company serving over 1 million member accounts in Hong Kong, BCT received "Provider of the Year Award – MPF" and won 8 other accolades at the 2016 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards:

                                                              Capability Awards

                                                              • Best-in-class, Human Capital Development
                                                              • Best-in-class, Intermediary Support Team
                                                              • Best-in-class, Investor Education and Communication
                                                              • Best-in-class, Technology Deployment
                                                              • Outstanding Achiever, Employer Servicing

                                                              Fund Awards

                                                              • Best-in-class, Absolute Return
                                                              • Outstanding Achiever, Asia Ex Japan Equity
                                                              • Outstanding Achiever, Target Date

                                                              These awards not only recognize BCT's well-rounded strengths, but also our commitment to Bringing Value, through our funds, technology platform and people, strengthening Connectivity through investor education, member servicing & communication, and reinforcing our position as a Trusted partner of intermediaries and employers.


                                                              For more details of the award programme, please visit: http://www.fundawards.asia/hk/results-2016/

                                                              BCT Receives “Best Social Media (MPF) Award”

                                                              Like most of us, you may scroll through your Facebook on the way to and from work. Have you noticed BCT's messages and our "Piggy Army" on your newsfeed?

                                                              In view of the prevalent use of online and mobile platforms, BCT have been enriching our e-platforms to strengthen connectivity with the public and our customers. Recently, BCT won the "Best Social Media (MPF) Award"(最佳社交媒體(強積金)大獎)at the "e Media Plus Outstanding Digital Awards 2016"(e Media Plus傑出數碼大獎2016)for the effective use of our Facebook platform, based on criteria including innovation, design, and user experience.

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                                                              BCT Wins 2 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2016”

                                                              BCT is honoured to announce its fund under BCT (MPF) Pro Choice won 2 awards at "Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2016" for its outstanding performance:

                                                              • Outstanding Performer – Absolute Return, MPFs (5 Years)
                                                              • Outstanding Performer – Absolute Return, MPFs (10 Years)

                                                              The awards recognize best-performing funds using Bloomberg Data up to 30 September 2016, based on 5-year and 10-year total return figures.

                                                              BCT Makes Managing Your MPF a Breeze - Unveiling of the “Piggy Army”

                                                              BCT Group debuts a brand new commercial today. Three common MPF challenges are highlighted from the perspective of MPF members, which are solved with the help of the "Piggy Army" and BCT's service professional.

                                                              According to the MPFA's June 2016 issue of the "Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Statistical Digest", there are over 3.8 million employed persons in Hong Kong and over 9 million MPF contribution and personal accounts. According to BCT's survey, nearly 50% of members have never managed their MPF accounts. The common reasons include they think it is too tedious, they are not investment-savvy, or they do not have time. These members tend to look for companies that are professional and can offer comprehensive services to handle their MPF matters.

                                                              Therefore, the brand new commercial aims to portray that BCT, an MPF expert, is here to help members easily consolidate MPF accounts, analyze fund performance, and manage MPF accounts well. Stay tuned for the brand new commercial on various TV channels, newspapers, MTR stations and online media, and visit www.bcthk.com/mpf to learn more about BCT's service platform.